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Dungeon Femme Fatale proudly presents The Secret Sissy Girls Club featuring: Mistress Sharina Nicole & The Dungeon Femme Fatale Mistresses & Sirs

Fetish Party at Dungeon Femme Fatale

You are cordially invited to be in service to your Mistress Sharina Nicole and The Dungeon Femme Fatale Mistresses & Sirs at My dungeon's fetish party . . .
Dungeon Femme Fatale proudly presents The 14th Guest Fetish Party featuring: Mistress Sharina Nicole & The Dungeon Femme Fatale Mistresses & Sirs

Mistress Sharina Nicole Accolades & letters of Thanks & gratitude

Announcing The Sharina Nicole Newsletter!

I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to subscribe to My newsletter...please go to the following link:

When you click on "subscribe" a place to put your name will appear. Please put the name that you would like your letters addressed to. Use your first name, Mistress name or slave name. Whatever you feel like being addressed as.

This special newsletter will be sent out to your E-mail address and will be an intimate connection to My World. I will be creating many new things not only with My new web site, but with Dungeon Femme Fatale as well. If you are not from My neck of the woods, you may be able to plan visits with things that are happening here. My intention is to keep you abreast of upcoming events, workshops, (relating to specific fetishes, couples play, and how-to demonstrations) news, real time sessions, Bizarre fetish writings and things that occur at Dungeon Femme Fatale. Accept My invitation so that I may personally welcome you to Mistress Sharina Nicole's Personal Email List!

New Year brings the unveiling of My new web site!

I have enjoyed My web site for many years now and I have received many accolades about the way it was designed as well as the content. Let's face it, there is A LOT of information on my web site! My latex kitty has been great at the original design, posting new diary pages, pictures and announcing upcoming events. He has been truly wonderful and has graced My life for many years...I have been truly blessed at having him as My familiar.

The new web site will be designed differently and you will be able to navigate the many added links. There will be many more new areas including a link for Mistresses eyes only. Here, any Mistress in any area of the world can discuss anything they like! We will also be able to exchange information about those we have seen who need a referral or need to know when not to see someone.

slave mike will have a link and he will be accepting E-mails as well as posting pictures and stories and answering questions for those slave wanna bees who are interested. My slave is the best slave...

I will be working with streaming video and producing downloadable clips! This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.

There will be a special area with information on guest Mistresses, AND I will be construing a fantasy session with a "Mystery Mistress!" More information coming in 2006!

Let the countdown to the New Year and the New Web Site begin!

Ms Sharina Nicole

New Mistress to grace Dungeon Femme Fatale

Further details about this Mistress will be coming very soon!
I will tell you that she has been in the scene for several years and visible in the S/m community here in Minneapolis.
She enjoys many types of S/m play, among them are: cross dressing and forced feminization, corporal punishment, pony/puppy play, role play and humiliation, golden showers, foot and boot worship as well as trampling, fire play, play piercing and electro-torture...
Please visit my web site for more updates about this Mistress!


Dungeon Femme Fatale Has a New Suspension System!

I have a slave who lives in Los Angeles, California that goes by the name of "hub cap slave" and he was here for a visit just this past weekend. Before coming to the Twin Cities, he offered up his expert electrician and construction knowledge and gave me a full day to do projects around the, I had him put an electrical suspension system into the corporal punishment room! Of course hc slave was the first person I strung up to the rafters...

For those of you who remember the two suspension systems in Master Paul's dungeon, I have one of them. Master Paul was nice enough to give one of them to me for the day I would own my own space, and I finally have a place to put it!

The new dungeon space is coming along very well with one very large corporal punishment room complete with fireplace. I will be putting in recessed lighting and painting the entire room a warm color after the first of the year. I am adding new equipment all the time and the Mistresses will be getting together for Mistress Meetings to discuss our craft, share our experience, play with invited crash test dummies and those worthy of being in service for an evening of fun...

I will keep you posted with new developments as they happen along the way. It will certainly be an exciting New Year with a newly revamped web site, special events, new equipment, guest Mistresses as well as new permanent Mistresses. We will share techniques on domination, there will be invited guest trainers knowledgeable in S/m play so that the Mistresses using Dungeon Femme Fatale are not only skilled to the best of their ability, but extremely qualified practitioners in the art of D/s.

On a personal note, I will be incorporating some new techniques for S/m play that will promote catharsis and healing.

I look forward to sharing many wonderful experiences with you in the New Year!

Ms Sharina Nicole

Dungeon Femme Fatale Has a New Location!

On Friday, October 14, I closed on a house and on Saturday, October 15, I took possession of the new Dungeon Femme Fatale!
I had a wonderful crew of support, not to mention my magnificent and irreplaceable slave mike.

This house has a lot of room...with 2400 finished square feet!
For those of you who have had the pleasure of sessioning at the old DFF, the new DFF has a huge corporal punishment room, larger medical room and transformation room. Of course, what would the new dungeon be like without a PANIC ROOM in the basement?
Currently, sessions are being scheduled and the dungeon is up and running. I have many plans to make this space a place where you may feel a sense of escapism...

Definition:: es·cap·ism
Pronunciation: is-'kA-"pi-z&m
: habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine

Of course in life, as others have so wonderfully supported me and have become an integral part of making things happen, I am grateful for the dedication and energy from those who have so generously helped with this transition. This is a defining moment in time for me, and I would like to honor those who were there for support not only during the move, but during the entire process!

To those of you who have been so wonderful, I honor your divine spirit...

slave mike
Jean Bardot
Bettina Thorne
slave tim
slave o
slave cole
Ms Mya
Mike Su
Wayne & Jim
Mike S
Tom CG
hubcap slave
Ms Kay

Mummification Class
Sharina Nicole

October 29, 2005
Play Party to follow...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to render someone completely helpless and do whatever you wanted to them? There are many ways to create powerlessness, and mummification is one of them.

Mummification is a unique form of bondage and can be used in mild forms as well as severe, and can be very intense. In this class you will learn how to apply these techniques to your play. You will learn about mild to severe forms of mummification, materials one might use, positions of bondage mummification, techniques of eroticism, domination and torture while someone is placed in this form of powerlessness. The safety aspects of mummification will also be covered and you will be given a handout to take home with you for reference. There will be a question and answer period and you will be able to try out what you have learned by mummifying someone or being mummified yourself. I will have several crash test mummies to perform a live demonstration, and may ask someone from the class if they would like to be mummified.

In addition to the materials that will be available for your use, you are welcome to bring some of your own mummification materials to implement their use or ask questions about these materials at the end of the class.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

For tickets, time and location, please view the web site for the group who is sponsoring this event. Please mention that you saw the information on My web site. THANK YOU!

click on: Ticket Order Form for MSDB Meets the Mummy Workshop and Creature Feature Play Party

DEADLINE: October 25



New Equipment Page

From innocuous to severe, the new sessions page will give you an idea as to what kind of equipment DFF has in order to create a session that is perfect for all levels of play and experience.
Please click the link below to find out what kinds of equipment may be available for your session...

Mistress Jean Celebrates!

Click on the picture to see photographs of Mistress Jean's Birthday celebration!